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Bryan Bentley

Bryan Ervin Bentley has been performing stand-up comedy in Hong Kong since 2018. In that short time he has performed at TakeOut Comedy as well as several venues around Hong Kong Island and Kowloon, as well as several shows in Shenzhen and Xiamen China. Bryan is a regular at the Bar 109 open mic on Mondays and hosts The Aftermath Open Mic weekly. With a mix of observational comedy about being a self proclemed “Boujie Ass Negro” along with a dose of healthy self reflection, his energetic personality and unique look always brings a good time.


    Bhavin Bhuptani

    If there is nothing you know about Bav, know this, he is quite wealthy. Let’s just put it this way, he doesn’t need to think twice before taking the Western Tunnel. However, he’s not so wealthy where he would be able to take the Western Tunnel on the return journey. Living in Sai Ying Pun, Bav is very much the expat’s expat. Thus using words like Thus and writing jokes which give a glimpse into the world of a quite wealthy expat. If you’re in the market for well crafted witty song and niche observations about expat life – than Bav is the man for you.

      Garron Chiu TakeOut Comedy_edited.jpg

      Garron Chiu

      Garron Chiu is an American born stand up comedian based in Hong Kong.

      A mainstay in the Hong Kong comedy scene, he was featured on Comedy Central’s “Stand Up Asia!” season 2, and was the winner of the 2018 Hong Kong International Comedy Competition. He has made people laugh on stage in 37 cities across 18 countries, mostly in Asia.

      He has performed with world class acts such as Jim Gaffigan, Hannibal Buress, Ari Shaffir, Tony Woods, Roy Wood Jr., Pete Lee, Alonzo Bodden, Paul Ogata and many more. On stage you will find him talk about his wife, his dog and which one he loves more, as well as if he is too Asian or not Asian enough. All while making people laugh along the way.

      Oh, he also rocks the best eyebrows.

      “Garron is a powerhouse on stage. He grabs the audience upfront and smashes. Don’t let the suit fool you, he’s killed before” – Andy Curtain, Founder, Kung Fu Komedy

      – “Some comedians are funny. Garron is fun and funnier” – Vivek Mahbubani, Asian Comedy Legend

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      Pete Grella

      Pete Grella is a Hong Kong-based stand-up comedian and improviser who has been cutting up audiences around Asia for over 12 years. In addition to being a regular performer in Hong Kong, Pete has performed in New York City, Shanghai, Beijing,Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Dongguan, Xiamen, Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh City, Kathmandu, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Fukuoka, Seoul and at the MGM Macau. He has also hosted or opened for a long list of visiting international comics, including Tom Cotter, Paul Ogata, Tom Segura, Ruben Paul, Barry Hilton and Ari Shaffir. Pete’s sets often dissect
      life as an expat (and just trying to fit in, in general), though he’s never afraid to poke fun at himself and his own bad habits. He also likes to engage the audience, so if you're sitting up front, be ready to chat!
      Pete has also been performing and teaching improv comedy (short form, free form and long form) in shows and at festivals for over 12 years in Hong Kong and around Asia, including Bangkok, Shanghai, Beijing, Manila, Singapore, Tokyo, Osaka, Guangzhou,
      Shenzhen, Macau and Seoul. He is a co-founder of the long form improv groups Pajama Party!, 852 Crew, and 3 Dudes Improv, and the founder of the group Hong Kong Improv. He is also the co-founder and co-producer of the HK International Improv Festival.
      When he’s not performing or teaching, Pete has been known to live on an abandoned oil rig in the North Sea raising sea monkeys. 

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      Kari Gunnarsson

      Excellent comedian! Loved by all.

        Ryan TakeOut Comedy.jpg

        Ryan Hynek

        Ryan Hynek is a Chicago native who’s been yucking it up on the Asia Comedy circuit since 2007.  Knowing that comedy won’t pay the rent in his 300 foot ‘deluxe’ apartment in the sky, Ryan works full-time as a secondary school English teacher.  


        He’s the first to admit that he uses his students as guinea pigs for his brand of observational humor and finds success in their puzzled looks.


        He’s a top three finalist in the Hong Kong International Comedy Festival and has played clubs around the world from Chicago to Hanoi. You can find Ryan poking around the comedy clubs in HK most weekends. 

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        Maitreyi Karanth

        This spitfire of a woman says it as it is. Whether its her husband, son or just all the people she has come across during her very many travels, they are all in her line of fire. A little flirty, a little dirty but a whole lot of fun.


        Maitreyi Karanth an actor, producer took up stand-up comedy as just an extension of her real life persona, at the age of 44. Being married and having lived outside India for 22 years, first in the Middle East and now in Hong Kong, she has a collected a treasure chest of funny experiences across different geographies and cultures.

        After her very second open mic she was spotted by Saurabh Pant who was then touring Hong Kong and asked to open for him. Since then she has opened for Tom Cotter, Gina Yashere, Atul Khatri, Amit Tandon, Tom Rhodes, Paul Ogatta and Sean Patton. She has also performed in Bangkok, Singapore and India as a featured comedian.

        Currently producing her own shows called laugh Kwai Fong, Comedy Legends, A night of laughs which have all sold out, she recently also produced and performed in the biggest comedy night Hong Kong Local comedy has ever seen called Hong Kong Live. Her movie “My Indian Boyfriend” ran successfully in Hong Kong cinemas for 5 weeks. She is also constantly exploring exciting new opportunities.

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          Bianca Lau

          Bianca is a comedian, actress and producer from Hong Kong, started her comedy journey on the streets of New York City, where she sold bootleg DVDs to pay for her tuition. Just like a shady magician, she started from the bottom and now she’s... strolling. Once she was selling Trada bags in front of a famous comedy club where Jim Gaffigan was supposed to show up, but bailed out last minute. The booker asked if she wanted to fill the spot, she asked "how much?" And the rest is history.


          Performance Credits: Gotham Comedy Club main room, The Stand NYC, TakeOut Comedy Club 


          Bianca is very excited to be part of the dopeness of TakeOut Comedy.

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          Steve Lee Takeout Comedy.jpg

          Steve Lee

          Steve Lee is a Chinese American Disabled Stand-Up comedian, actor, producer and writer. Growing up in Hong Kong and the US, his comedy is centered around his experiences in the US and Hong Kong dealing with racism and living with disabilities, and his content is remarkably original. Rather than being encumbered by stereotypes, Steve is vitalized by them. 

          He blends stories and punchlines to convey his belief that we are all equal - equally ignorant, fallible, weird, and desiring freedom. For Steve, comedy is a way to get people - including himself - to laugh about our own shortcomings and problems in our daily lives.


            Mahesh TakeOut Comedy

            Mahesh Manaigani

            Mahesh Mansigani was born and bred on the mean streets of North it’a not only his sharp wit and depreciating humour that pack a punch. Mahesh has always been the class clown cracking his first joke at the age of 6 months old…unfortunately it was mostly baby he was the only one that got it.


            Mahesh started performing comedy in 2009 and has been a regular in the Hong Kong comedy circuit since then. In that time Mahesh has also performed in China, the Philippines, New York and Singapore

            Mahesh has opened for major headliners including: Kerri Louise, Tom Cotter, Paul Ogata, Butch Bradley, Cory Cahaney, Tim Young, Wali Collins Wil Sylvince. He has also a multi-time finalist in the Hong Kong International comedy competition.

              Muk V TakeOut Comedy.png


              Muk is born and raised in Hong Kong, and is well travelled living in 6 different countries. 

              He is highly educated, holding 3 university degrees and somehow and managing to use absolutely none of them as he is now a personal trainer and stand up comedian.

              His comedy style is based on real life experiences, true stories where every time something good happens, misfortune prevails in extremely strange ways.


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              Bryan Nee TakeOut Comedy.jpeg

              Bryan Nee

              A native New Yorker now missing good pizza in Hong Kong, Bryan began his stand up comedy career in Hong Kong in August 2019. Bryan is also an award winning actor,  published poet, and released his first single as a singer/songwriter in July 2021 under the same name. 

              Bryan’s first comedy credit came winning Hong Kong’s New Comics Competition in February 2021. Since then, Bryan has become a regular at TakeOut Comedy, been featured on several of Hong Kong’s buzzing comedy circuit shows, and headlined a show on his home turf in The Lil Room at the esteemed Governors Comedy Club in Levittown, New York. 

              Bryan’s high-energy delivery and commanding presence balances quick-witted deadpan humor with hilarious characterizations that bring audiences into his storytelling. He draws his inspiration from his blue-collar upbringing, mental health journey, and three years of experience observing different cultures as an expat in Asia. He is a rising young talent on the Hong Kong comedy circuit.


                Paul Ogata

                Check out his website:

                  Ben Quinlan TakeOut Comedy_edited.jpg

                  Ben Quinlan

                  Hailing from an Australian father and Chinese mother, Ben Quinlan is a Hong Kong born and raised stand-up comedian.

                  Ben is a regular headliner at major comedy clubs around Asia, performing at major headline shows in Hong Kong, Singapore, Shanghai, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Manila, Cambodia, and Taipei. He appeared on Comedy Central’s Stand-Up Asia! Season 2 and was the winner of the 2017 Hong Kong International Comedy Competition.


                  Ben has also opened for a number of international comedians on their Asian tours, including Russell Howard, Kevin Bridges, and Doug Stanhope. He sold out his past twelve 1-hour comedy specials in Hong Kong, with over 1,700 tickets sold.

                  Aside from wearing his comedy hat, Ben is a regular TEDx speaker and a prominent keynote presenter in the financial services industry. He is regularly interviewed by leading news channels (including Bloomberg, Reuters, and CNBC) as the CEO of his own strategy consulting firm, Quinlan & Associates. Ben’s unique corporate and comedy background has seen him being featured as a comedian in a number of leading international media publications, including the South China Morning Post, The Financial Times, TimeOut Magazine, XXIV, IFR Asia, and eFinancialCareers.

                    Anthony Solimini TakeOut Comedy.jpeg

                    Anthony Solimini

                    The first and only Stand Up Banker in Asia-Pacific! Born in Boston, Massachusetts, Anthony has been making people laugh since 1962! Being the youngest of four, with three older sisters and an Italian grandmother he had no choice but to enter the world of comedy! This, coupled with his travels around the world have given him a lot of material! He loves to make people laugh, loves to motivate people, loves to get people excited about life!


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                    Jason Strickland

                    Excellent comedian - loved by all!


                      Seth Waters

                      Excellent comedian - loved by all!

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                        David Wolber

                        Now a regular at TakeOut Comedy, David Wolber recently joins us from New York City where he performed for many years at various clubs throughout the city including Gotham, Broadway, Eastville, The Creek and the Cave, TBA and Karma Lounge.  David originally hails from Detroit, Michigan in the United States but don’t hold that against him – dark comedy always has its origin story.  When not up on stage, David is also busy soaking up the laughs in his hilarious career as an international financial crimes attorney.  You are encouraged to hold that against him.

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