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Image by Lok Yiu Cheung

Standup Comedy Workshops!

Learn to make people laugh!

Classes every THIRD WEDNESDAY of the month - Just $500!

NO experience Necessary.  All classes are in English.


Requirements: To have an urge to make people laugh and to have fun!!


  • learn to improve your public speaking skills

  • live out your dream of doing standup comedy

  • create your own comedy persona

  • learn to get more laughs and to create a comedy act based on your ideas and stories

  • learn the structure and basics of comedy writing

  • develop stage presence, confidence, creativity, communicational skills

  • be part of the FIRST full time comedy club in Asia!

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Standup Comedy Lessons.jpg
Standup Comedy Lessons.jpeg
"I signed up to Jami’s stand-up comedy workshop purely to push myself out of my comfort zone and improve my presentation skills. 

I’ve got to say, the thought of going to the workshop made me feel uncomfortable; I would not classify myself as being a natural on stage!

However, Jami instantly set us at ease. He used the notes that he’s complied over his 30+ years in stand-up comedy to share his tips and tricks - almost all of which can be applied to public speaking generally, not just stand-up comedy. 

Jami made the whole experience feel comfortable and safe - and at the end, I got up on stage and had a go myself! 

I left the session with a load of tips under my belt - and a renewed sense of confidence. I would highly recommend you give this workshop a go! ​"


"If you are looking to improve your presentation skills by being engaging and funny, or simply because you want to become a standup comedian like me, I highly recommend Jami Gong’s Comedy Workshop.

I took his workshop last night. I learned a lot more than I had expected. Though I have been able to make people laugh (mostly through words on paper), I didn’t know that making people laugh through spoken words on stage is that hard. With Jami’s tips and tricks as well as encouragement, I feel confident that I can “kill” my audience one day if I do enough trial-and-error onstage and offstage. 

Jami is so quick-witted that he can improve instantly each workshop participant’s bits to give them the deserved laughing punch. I am very impressed.

Since I believe that I got some funny materials, I am going to take some private classes with Jami to get my materials delivered as jokes that will people laugh."

Anaïs Chingmay Jo
Intercultural Management Coach / Interpreter

"An AWESOME way to ignite your communications skills to the next level!….How can comedy advance your career, increase your salary and ignite your love life? Attend the Standup Comedy workshop and learn from Jami Gong!"

Perry Lam (TEDx HK Coach, Executive Excellence Coach and Founder Lam Institute)

"In seconds - Can you capture others’ attention and change their emotional state? 
You can! Learn how to in this class!"

Donald B Ma
Executive Consultant, Milestone|3

"Don’t think it twice, do it! Jami's comedy workshop was well structured and thought out, and you will learn how to structure ideas, become more creative, and be a better communicator. Jami is not only an amazing teacher but also a veteran comedian, so he knows exactly what you’re going through. If stand up is what you're looking to do, this is where to start. I enjoyed every moment of it and gained a lot of confidence thanks to the support and feedback from Jami."

Colin Zhang

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